Professional Assistance - Selling

Professional Assistance - Selling

Professional Assistance

Selling a home can be as challenging as buying one. A number of questions may arise:

  • How quickly will my home sell?
  • Will people like how it looks?
  • Will someone pay what I believe it's worth?
  • What do I do if my home does not sell?

Hiring a real estate professional can help ensure that the home selling process is a successful, enjoyable experience.

What To Expect From A Real Estate Firm

  • Reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness
  • Professional standards and support for agents
  • Broad, consistent market coverage
  • Complete range of homeownership services
  • Online technologies to simplify your home search
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

What To Expect From A Real Estate Professional

  • Legwork to help complete the transaction
  • Expert guidance through a complex process
  • Vigilance for market dynamics
  • Insight about homes and communities

Key Factors in Finding the Right Real Estate Professional

  • Research: Gather and review information anonymously to find good candidates and firms
  • Screen Agents Confidentially: Complete a Help Selecting a Sales Associate form online (we will work with you to identify an agent that meets your needs - no agent will be informed or contact you unless you request it)
  • Interview Agents: Talk with several candidates to assess their capabilities and working style
  • Speak with Managers and References: Talk to the office manager and references to confirm your findings
  • Review the Firm: Understand what value the firm delivers in support of the individual agent
  • Define Expectations: Be sure that the agent understands what you expect, and is eager to deliver

Once you've found the right firm and real estate professional to represent you, they can help you determine the value of your home and prepare it for sale.

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